Create a Better Customer Service Experience

There are many ways for our customers today to contact us to request service or purchase our goods and services. The growth in the use of social media and the number of places available to contact us has made it much simpler for our clients to provide us with feedback. What this has achieved is raising the bar, raising the standards of our clients as they relate to response time, how quickly we respond to their needs, issues , problems and concerns. By designing and executing a customer service strategy consistent with our business management and development goals, we will handle the customer experience , no matter how we interact with them. Checkout Omni-Channel.

The Harvard Business Review authors found that a five percent rise in consumer satisfaction has the potential to produce a sales rise of somewhere between twenty-five and eighty-five percent in their seminal article on the relation between service and profit,’ Putting the Service-Profit Chain to Work. This is substantial. Why wouldn’t any company strive to establish a strategy and process for customer service that enhances its profit? Not only by improving the quality of customer service they offered, but by improving the amount of loyal customers they serve, the businesses listed by these writers were able to raise their income. They do this by choosing their customers carefully, knowing and addressing the particular needs and interests of these customers, and also involving these customers in the delivery of the product or service. And they organise themselves into cross-functional teams in which team members recognise the organisation’s mission, practise habits, and execute the actions required to keep clients loyal. This ‘ownership mentality’ allows team members to establish relationships and handle them as their own customers with the chosen clients.

Bain and Company created and introduced The Net Promoter Method to assess consumer satisfaction in their work with Fred Reichheld ‘s ideas in his book “The Ultimate Question 2.0.” The findings of their case studies indicate that conventional assessment instruments for customer satisfaction do not perform because the findings can not be returned in a timely manner to the front line employees. These reports have also determined that businesses would not be able to … “Achieving or sustaining high customer satisfaction without an engaged employee environment.”

So, how can we build a better customer service experience as company leaders and managers? What can we take from the research shared by the writers of the Harvard Business Review and researchers from Bain and Company that will help us strengthen our relationships with our customers and create consumer loyalty?

By creating a customer service strategy, a customer service strategy that is an important part of our business plan, we will achieve this by defining the customer market that we need to build to maximise loyalty and drive up profits.